"Resilience and sustainability of hazelnut farming: a regenerative approach"
19 - 20 may 2023

Simultaneous English-Italian translation

  Campus Universitario Macchia Romana

 Friday May 19th
h 14:30 - 19:30

 Dott. Lorenzo Tosi 

FRIDAY MAY 19th - 14:45 - 19:30

14:45 – 15:30 Registration of participants

15:30 Institutional greetings

  • Ignazio Marcello ManciniMagnificent Rector University of Basilicata
  • Vito BardiPresident of the Basilicata Region
  • Mario GuarenteMayor of Potenza

15:50 “Conference introduction”
Tommaso De Gregorio | Head of Agri Competence Centre – Ferrero Hazelnut Company

16:10 “Innovations among the Italian hazelnut varieties”
Daniela Farinelli | University of Perugia

16:30 “Nutrient deficiency symptoms and threshold values in Hazelnut in response to macro nutrient supply”
Wim Voogt | University of Wageningen (NL)

16:50 “Sustainable Hazelnut Orchard Management”
Nadia Valentini | University of Turin

17:10 “Exploring Electric Weed Control in Hazelnut”
Marcelo Moretti | University of Oregon (USA)

17:30 “Irrigation scheduling and management”
Graziano Ghinassi | University of Florence – DAGRI

Coffee Break

18:10 “Promiscuous Agroforestry: hazelnut and zootechnics”
Carlo Cosentino | University of Basilicata – SAFE

18:30 “Sustainability assessment of hazel tree orchard systems”
Giuseppe Celano | University of SalernoDIFARMA

18:50 “Carbon sequestration of hazelnut orchards in central Italy”
Valerio Cristofori | University of Tuscia – DAFNE

19:10 Conclusions
Lorenzo Tosi

  Campus Universitario Macchia Romana

Sabato 20 maggio 2023
Ore 09:00 - 12:30

 Dott. Lorenzo Tosi 

giornalista Edagricole (Terra è Vita)

SATURDAY 20 MAY 20th - h 09:00 - 13:00


08:30 – 09:00 Registration of participants

09:00 Institutional greetings

  • Giorgio Maria Bergesio – Vice-President of the Senate Agriculture and Industry Committee

09:10 “Conference introduction
Federico Laudazi
Head of Agribusiness Deployment Italy – Ferrero Hazelnut Company

09:30 “Rural development 2023-27 and production chains”
Vittorio Restaino  
PSR Management Authority Basilicata Region

09:50 “Hazelnut in Spain” 
Mercè Rovira Cambra
IRTA-Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology, Catalunya, (SPA

10:10 Leyla Ramade “The French Orchard of hazelnuts” Unicoque – KOKI Noisettes & Noix de France

10:30 Coffee Break

–> Gianluca GalloCalabria Region Agriculture Councilor

 11:00 “The role of the Agronomist and Forestry Doctor in agronomic assistance to farms”
Domenico Laviola
 – President of the Basilicata Federation of Agronomists and Foresters

11:10 “Monitoring pollinating insects in hazelnut orchards”
Simone Mazzola
 – Company 3Bee

11:30“The experience of the hazelnut round table in Piemonte”
Simone Bardella
–  AGRION Foundation

11:40 Francesco Licciardo “The hazelnut: statistics in support of national policies” – CREA, Research Centre for Agricultural Policies and Bio-Economy

11:50 “The development of new value chains: the case of Calabria in Guscio”
Mario Caligiuri
 – Rete di Impresa Calabria in Guscio

12.10 “The development of new value chains: the case of Basilicata in Guscio”
Giuseppe Coletta
 – Rete di Impresa Basilicata in Guscio

12:20 Conclusions